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18 Jul

unawatuna beach

How to spend 24 hours in Unawatuna beach

24 hours at Unawatuna beach

Unawatuna beach offers one of the best beaches near Galle and is of high popularity among visitors and locals alike. It just takes about 15 minutes from Galle to Unawatuna beach and therefore makes it perfect to spend an entire day in the area. Here is a fantastic action-packed itinerary on how to spend 24 hours in Unawatuna beach:


Start your day with a superb breakfast at Le Café Francais Bakery & Boutique. This little French café is especially famous for its heavenly croissants and coffees. All you need to start a great day at Unawatuna beach.

French bakery Unawatuna beach


Relax your mind and soul with a yoga session at Asiri, one of Unawatuna’s leading yoga studios. Whether your beginner, intermediate or experienced yoga practitioner, everyone is welcome to join the classes.  Sunrise Yoga med Asiri pa Unawatuna Beach. For prices and further information visit


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Yoga Unawatuna


What would be a visit to Sri Lanka without indulging insome local cuisine Sri Lanka? Learn how to cook authentic Sri Lankan dishes such as Mango Curry, Kottu or Samosas at Karuna’sCooking Class

cooking classes Unawatuna

In short, Sri Lankan cuisine reflects absolutely the island and its people – uniqueness! Your cooking experience will start with a visit to a nearby market where you discover typical local spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits of which most will be later used to prepare the tantalizing dishes. Karuna also specialises in Ayuveda cooking.

Cooking School Sri Lanka

Bring home some delicious Sri Lankan recipes and surprise your family and friends with your new acquired skills. If you loved learning about Sri Lankan food you might also like Trixie’s Sri Lankan Cooking Classes at Templeberg Villa.

Trixie's cooking classes


It’s a must to swim when visiting the beach at Unawatuna! The semi-circular Unawatuna beach is majorly surrounded by palm trees and lush groves, creating a picturesque atmosphere. Aside from swimming, Unawatuna beach provides excellent conditions for snorkelling and diving as well.

Beaches of Unawatuna

There are numerous ships wrecks around the area, such as a sunken British steamer or a cargo ship, which attract many dive enthusiasts. There are several diving schools around Unawatuna beaches of which all include these wrecks among their trips. We’ve covered the best of diving sri lanka in a previous post ‘Diving Sri Lanka’.

Unawatuna Diving and Snorkelling

 And if you prefer more action over diving/snorkelling or it’s just ‘not your thing’ why not renting a jet ski for the ultimate adrenalin rush? Unawatuna beach is great for water sports like jet skiing and water skiing. Watersports at beaches near Galle are a popular and fun way to relax.

Jetskis sri lanka

If you’re seeking for a more secluded beach close to Unawatuna, then  Jungle Beach is a perfect beach in Sri Lanka. Jungle Beach is asmall stretch of beach next to a forest without any hotels or restaurants around. It’s located roughly 4 km away from Unawatuna beach and can be either accessed by boat from Unawatuna or via a small road. With a bit of luck you may see even turtles around the beach!

Jungle beach Sri Lanka


After sunbathing and swimming at Unawatuna beach or Jungle Beach it’s time to explore Unawatuna a bit further with a trip to its centre. First, start with a visit to the mesmerizing Japanese Peace Pagoda which sits atop Rumasalla Hill. It has been built with the help of Japanese monks and is one of three such pagodas around Sri Lanka. It’s free to enter however you may be asked for a donation. The view from the pagoda is absolutely breathtaking and you can easily look over Galle and even Galle Fort. Take a minute, relax and soak into the stunning views. Perfect to watch the sunset here!

Japanese Peace Pagoda Sri Lanka

The centre of Unawatuna beach is beautifully located within lush palm trees and just behind the beach. Here you can find dozens of small shops, selling everything from clothes jewellery to typical souvenirs, cafés, bistros and numerous restaurants where you can choose from to have your dinner. Get a feel for the Centre by reading Nerd Nomads.



When it comes to nightlife, Unawatuna beach has definitely some hot spots to offer; the town sees frequently popular national and international DJs providing awesome dance tunes and never-ending parties. 

Kingfisher is famous for its parties and often seen as a trendsetter among party crowds.

Further venues include Coco Bay Unawatuna and Calamander Unawatuna.

Happy Banana, Chili, Comaran Beach Club, UBR and Lucky Tuna are also great nightlife spots. Each night is owned by a different venue which makes your choice a bit easier. 

Nightlife Sri Lanka

And once the day (night) comes to an end, just call the Templeberg tuk tuk to bring you safely home to Templeberg just 10 minutes from Unawatuna beach for a good night’s sleep.


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