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6 Mar

beaches sri lanka

Sri lanka beaches are safe for swimming thanks to a special swimming program that is being run in the shallow waters off Ahungama.

We’ve got to know an amazing young woman. Her name is Indu and she’s involved with a wonderful program based in Ahungama, near Galle, which teaches girls and women to swim at Sri lanka beaches.

I can Swim, Can You Project

The Program is called ‘I Can Swim, Can You’ and it’s run by an extremely dedicated woman called Christina Fonfe. Christina has 35 years experience as a swimming instructor.

In the immediate aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, Boxing Day, Christina learned that 80% of the people who died in the Tsunami Sri Lanka were girls and women at beaches in Sri Lanka and that many could have survived if they had known how to swim or at least float.

The program is free, it’s been running since 2005 and has taught 3500 girls and women water survival, swimming, rescue and CPR in the beaches Sri Lanka. Graduates with leadership potential can be trained as swimming instructors and then work for the program or go on to set up their own classes for paying clients.

Swimming Instructor Sri Lanka

Indu is a graduate of the Sri Lanka swimming program and is now an instructor. She said she has grown tremendously in confidence, her communication skills and English language skills have improved enormously. She is now studying postgraduate law.

She came from a tiny village near Koggala Lake Sri Lanka, but had never been in the water past her knees before starting the program at the age of 23. At the end of the course, the women and girls also go out into the sea off the beaches Sri Lanka for a swim (usually the first time they’ve done so) and also have a surfing lesson.

Indu said she loved surfing in Sri Lanka and wants to find a way to continue one day, maybe with the money she’s earning from being a swimming instructor.

More details about this amazing program and how to support it can be found on their website:

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