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26 Jul

sri lanka with children

7 tips for travelling in Sri Lanka with kids

Travelling with Children Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of Asia’s top destinations when it comes to travelling with children. Not only will you be greeted with a warm welcome when in Sri Lanka with children, wherever you go, but locals will try do anything they can to entertain the kids. You don’t need to worry about any disapproving stares or even comments when your kids or babies should start crying or be a bit louder. The most important part of being in sri lanka with children though is that your kids will love Sri Lanka too, especially the different environment, culture and of course, the animals like elephants.

sri lanka elephants

Here are seven practical tips on travelling with children in Sri Lanka:

1. Getting around Sri Lanka with children

Sri Lanka offers various methods of getting around from epic train rides to buses.  The most convenient way for you and your family is renting a mini-van with private driver which allows for multiple important things:

– Some roads in Sri Lanka are very daunting to drive along.  It’s better for you and your family’s safety to take advantage of a local experienced driver.  You can stop whenever you want and let the kids rest/nap or walk around.

– You have enough space for your luggage.

– Companies who rent mini-vans have most likely baby chairs as well since those are generally not very common in Sri Lanka. – Having an AC is a big plus (as opposed to trains and buses for example).

Consider also staying multiple days in one area without rushing; it takes long to drive around, often at a max. speed of only 40-50 km/h. Long, hot and slow journeys can be tough on children.  

car journeys sri lanka

It is also advisable if transferring from an international flight to villa accommodation like Templeberg Villa Galle to pre-book your car and airport transfer ahead of time with villa management so they can arrange seatbelts, car seats if necessary and early morning pick ups. This makes it easier to travel sri lanka with children.

2. Travelling with babies sri lanka

While travelling with children around Sri Lanka isn’t a problem, travelling with babies Sri Lanka can take more organising.

tours sri lanka kids

Here are a couple of tips to consider for travelling with babies in Sri Lanka before you get on the road:

– stock up on processed food and disposable nappies in major cities of Colombo, Kandy and Galle. The further inland, East and up north western baby supplies become harder to find as these are note available everywhere.

– High chairs are also a very rare thing (except in villas in sri lanka or hotels sri lanka), it’s better to bring portable high-chairs like Totseat or Sack ’n’ Seat.

– Powdered milk is widely available however in many areas microwaves for sterilizing bottles are unheard of. It pays to check that where you are staying in Sri Lanka has a microwave.

3. Stroller or pushchair sri lanka

If you’re traveling with a baby, take advantage of the fact that Airlines who fly to Sri Lanka include a foldable stroller with baby carry and car seat as free. This allows you to be more flexible when visiting country sides, national parks and rural areas. And remember to have a baby bijorn in your carry luggage as baby strollers are stowed just prior to take off. A good all round stroller to bring with you is a steelcraft profiler and baby zen yoyo which fits in an overhead locker.

travel kids sri lanka

4. Hotels Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka features accommodations of all kinds, from regular hotels sri lanka over resorts, villas to lodges and cottages sri lanka. For an outstanding family holiday in Sri Lanka, consider to vary your choice of hotels: kids love to jump into swimming pools to cool off after long days filled with activities.

More unusual and unique are lodges and villas, like Templeberg provide a private atmosphere with more personalised service and providing your children a close experience to the local side of Sri Lanka and its culture. Plus, a villa stay Galle enables your kids to  connect to local kids as well, a priceless experience you won’t get in any of the western oriented hotels/resorts of Sri Lanka.

guesthouse sri lanka for the female traveller

A villa stay outside the walls of the UNESCO Galle Fort also means there is more space for children to run around outdoors and generally easy and safe access to explore plant, animal and garden life.

5. Dining Sri Lanka

Food throughout Sri Lanka is not only safe to consume yet very fresh and delicious as well! Lots of restaurants provide buffets and a good variety of local-, western-, and child-friendly dishes. Moreover, you can find everywhere fresh fruits, vegetables and coconuts which help with any  dehydration. 

The biggest challenge is the ‘spice’ test. Finding less spicy food that agrees with a child’s palette can be challenging. It is advisable to travel with a supply of cereal, spaghetti and noodles to appease picky eaters.

Local Sri Lankan food that is a hit with kids include string hoppers, curd and fruit, coconut roti and fried rice.

Staying in a villa like Templeberg which has it’s own kitchen and cook also helps to prepare meals that are suitable for children.

villa with cook

6. Heat

Don’t underestimate the heat, even when it’s cloudy when travelling sri lanka with children. Always have enough water with you and protect your children’s skin with high SPF sunscreen lotions. Sunscreen while available is more expensive than supermarket brought sunscreens in western countries so bring a tube or two for the kids from home.

Beaches of Unawatuna

Caps/hats are essential as well. Mosquito repellent is needed if  visiting country sides when travelling sri lanka with childen. 

7. Activities

Sri Lanka offers an abundance of activities that are absolutely suited for kids. One being the phenomenal beaches where kids can go for kayaking, banana boating or snorkelling (older kids can even opt for diving sri lanka and do a ‘’Bubble-Maker” course) the other being the numerous turtle hatcheries where kids can see and learn about the turtle hatching process. Templeberg Villa supports the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Hatchery in neighbouring Rekewa.

leopards sri lanka

Then of course the picturesque national parks where children can spot an abundance of exotic animals like flamingos , leopards or even crocodiles. A further option would be taking your kids on a hike around the scenic tea plantations of Ella with a visit to Little Adam’s Peak.

And then there are the elephants – it’s a must to see elephants when visiting Sri Lanka and your children will remember any elephant encounter for years. The Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is home to the country’s largest herd in captivity while Minneriya in the “cultural triangle” is the centre of the “Annual Gathering” (August and September), where hundredsof elephants gather around certain water resources, a breathtaking spectacle!

Older kids will certainly enjoy train rides such as the awesome ride between the towns of Ella and Nuwara Eliya. Another fun activity would be taking a tuk tuk around Galle Fort, simply because of the fun experience behind it or climbing along the rampart walls.

Things to do with kids sri lanka

So why not kick off a tour with children in Sri Lanka with a stay in the famous old town of Galle. With its stunning historical architecture and compact nature it makes an ideal family holiday destination Sri Lanka. 


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