Wedding in Sri Lanka

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Planning a wedding in Sri Lanka? Templeberg Villa is the perfect place to say I do, against the backdrop of a picturesque Dutch Colonial hotel, in a lush tropical garden Sri Lanka setting.

With the ability to have the 5-bedroom villa reserved for your wedding party’s exclusive use you can have a day to remember, with flowers,  traditional entertainment, dancers and Sri Lankan dining and wine service followed by evening fireworks. All in a beautiful Sri Lankan garden design.

If you are planning a wedding in Sri Lanka we can guide you through the process and manage all of local requirements for you, includes marriage certificates, witnesses and event planning for your special day.

We can also recommend the perfect mix of videographers, florists, photographers and live music entertainers to ensure your celebration runs smoothly and remains a lasting memory. Visit our gallery page to see where you could be holding your next wedding

wedding in sri lanka

Wedding in Sri Lanka

To have your marriage officially recognised, the following should be supplied at least 6 weeks prior to your arrival for the preliminary arrangements to be made:

  • Copies of the first 6 pages of both passports

  • Copies of both parties birth certificates

  • Affadavits or statutory declarations signed by a solicitor confirming the bride and grooms martial status, including whether divorced or widowed

  • Copies of Decree Absolute if either party is divorced and former Marriage certificate

  • Copy of death certificate if either party is a widow/widower

  • Copy of name change by Deed Poll (if applicable)

  • Be in the country for at least four nights prior to the wedding ceremony

Guests must travel with original documents.

Contact us to discuss your plans and preferred package.