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the Amangalla hotel which has been renamed from the New Oriental Hotel (1865).Galle Fort Sri Lanka ( 5 km from Templeberg Villa Galle) is a picture perfect piece of Colonial history  on the Southern Coast affectionately referred to as the Mediterranean coastline of South Asia.

Galle Fort Sri Lanka was originally constructured in 1588 by the Portuguese.  Dutch settlers arrived in Galle in the 1600s and strengthened the Fort.  The series of ramparts or walls have been added to over time.

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Behind Galle fortress, the city developed in the 17th and 18th centuries as a busy trading port.  The town built trading links with the Greeks, Persians, Arabs and Egyptians.

At the end of 1796 Fort Galle was handed over to the British by the Dutch.

One of the great tourist attractions of Sri Lanka is exploring the 130 acre fortified stone walls. So strong are the walls that in 2004 when the Indian Ocean Boxing Day Tsuanmi struck the historical part of Galle was protected and many historic buildings inside Galle fortress were protected.

Some of the notable things to explore within Galle Fort include:

  • the National Maritime Museum

  • the Dutch Reformed Church

  • the English and Dutch Gates

No trip to the Fort would be complete without a visit to the beautifully refurbished Dutch Hospital which in 2014 has been made over into a glitzy shopping complex. The shopping area houses 21 exclusive stores selling paintings, jewellery, homewares and food.

Hotels in Galle Fort

The Amangalla hotel which has been renamed from the New Oriental Hotel (1865) is a 5 star hotel inside the UNESCO heritage Fort Galle.

The hotel’s colonial style dining hall makes an ideal place to grab a bite to at of indulge in high-tea.

Quenching one’s thirst with ‘5 o’clock’ cocktail hour transports you back in time to a bygone era of opulence.

Near to the English and Dutch Gates is Closenberg hotel Galle which is a also a great spot to eat and drink and take in the view as is the Lighthouse Hotel Sri Lanka.

Galle Fort Golden Flea Market

Once a month, usually the last weekend of the month, the forecourt in front of the Dutch Hospital complex is the backdrop for a Golden Flea market selling everything from antiques, king coconuts, baked goods and books.

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