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Travel in Galle and Sri lanka.

Sri Lanka is a country in Southern Asia, situated off the Coast of India and West of Singapore and Malaysia. Sri Lanka is half way between London and Sydney. For centuries visitors have found inspiration in the mix of cultures, the tropical scenery and the incomparable sunsets.

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With a population of almost 20 million, Sri Lanka’s major cities include Colombo the Capital and busy commercial Centre and smaller Provincial Capitals such as Galle which offer an opportunity to relax and enjoy a slower pace of life.

A compact island nation, recent road ( the Southern Expressway between Colombo and Galle is Sri Lanka’s first expressway) and airport developments ( Sri Lanka’s second international airport is located near Galle) have made it easy to travel to Galle and surrounds.

When visiting Galle it is possible to enjoy white sand beaches, eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, lush tropical rainforests, tea and coconut plantations, local wildlife reserves, and extraordinary cuisine.

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Getting to Sri Lanka

Popular airlines that fly to Sri Lanka include:

Emirates Airline
Thai Airways
Korean Air
Singapore Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Cathay Pacific
SriLankan Airlines
British Airways

Cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok make for good connecting airports anywhere in Asia and from the Southern hemisphere.

There are no direct flights from Australia to Sri Lanka. In terms of airlines that offer the shortest flying times between Australia and Sri Lanka, Emirate Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines and Singapore Airlines offer the shortest flight routes. Their scheduled departures also make it easier to arrive early morning in Sri Lanka and begin touring the very next day without the risk of jetlag. Sri Lankan Airlines has announced direct flights between Australia and Sri Lanka commencing December 2015.

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Galle Climate

In Galle temperatures typically range between 27C (81F) and 32C (90F) with April being the hottest time to visit. The South-West monsoon brings showers to Galle in May/June and the inter-monsoon tends to arrive in late October and finish November. Humidity ranges between 70 -80 percent in Galle.

Sri Lanka is known for its tropical climate, with much of the island experiencing distinct wet and dry seasons. December-March typically brings the driest weather to the South, while the middle of the year June – August is an ideal time to include a trip to the North of Sri Lanka.


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Like most tropical climates, monsoon showers typically fall inn bursts late in the evening or at night, making evenings more cooler and comfortable.

Customs and Cultural Difference in Galle

Galle like the rest of Sri Lanka is predominantly Buddhist. It is recommended not to touch a monk, unless they extend their hand to you. Do not sit or stand on any religious artefacts when posing for photos. Always remove shoes and socks when entering temples in Galle Sri Lanka.

Virtues such as patience, friendliness and courtesy are highly valued and will win respect and confidence.

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Banking and Local Currency in Galle

The local currency is the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR). There are several ATMs in Galle making it possible to withdraw money using a bank card.

Visas in Galle

A Sri Lankan tourist visa is issued for a limited period of leisure travel with no business activities allowed.

A tourist visa is issued for a maximum of 30 days but can be extended up to six months when applying in person at the Immigration office in Colombo. It is not possible to apply or extend a visa from Galle.

Tourist visas can be applied for upon arrival at the airport in Colombo or online pre-arrival into the country. The tourist visa fee for a 30 day stay is USD30.

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Other popular visas include a Sri Lankan Transit Visa ( valid for 3 days or less) when transiting through Sri Lanka and a Sri Lankan Marriage visa which is visa for an extended stay if marrying a citizen or resident of Sri Lanka.

Electronic Visa

Visitors to Sri Lanka can now apply for a visa online before they leave home. The e-visa covers a range of tourist, business and cultural activities and can be obtained up to 3 months before departure.

The Department of Immigration and Emigration now enables tourists to apply for a short visa to Sri Lanka. Visitors from Singapore and the Maldives do not need a visa.