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5 Jul

solo female travel sri lanka

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Solo Female Travel Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the last treasures for travellers in Asia –it’s rich in history and culture in addition to its magnificent natural surroundings. Tourism is growing fast and the country’s popularity as a tourist destination is increasing  as  travellers from all corners of the globe visit Sri Lanka. Solo Female travel Sri Lanka is now make up a growing community these days. But as a female traveling alone Sri Lanka, is this ok?  Well you need not worry as a female on your own in Sri Lanka, you don’t need  a travel buddy – Sri Lanka is absolutely safe for you!

Before you embark on your solo female travel sri lanka journey, here are a number of background tips that will help you plan your trip ahead and when travelling through the country:

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Your attitude

First and foremost your attitude: As with any other nation, you need to respect local customs and understand that ‘’things are different’’ from home. This will more or less define whether you are going to have a great and unique experience or end up wondering whether you made a good decision. It may sound a bit like common sense but sometimes when faced with new experiences it’s easy to forget – just be pleasant and open-minded at all times.  

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It helps to learn a little Sinhala to get you by. We have a useful post on common Sinhala phrases. Don’t worry if you can’t learn any Sinhala as most people speak a little bit of English but knowing how to say yes and no or I’m ok in Sinhala can help.

The warmth and hospitality of Sri Lankans is one of the most genuine you will come across. Tip: avoid drinking and smoking in public alone outside of tourist areas as this is not the “done  thing”. If you wish to do so, look up bars and beach clubs where lots of foreigners are and/or where the owner is a foreigner.

Dress respectably

Dress appropriate for the occasion! No sugar-coating here. 

Normal shirts with modest neckline (cover your shoulders, no tops), loose pants and shorts will see you through every occasion.

It’s also important that you dress properly before entering temples (long pants) and other cultural sites. A small tip that may make you feel safer if travelling alone Sri Lanka: buy and where a ring before you go – it may help against unwelcome attention.

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It may happen from time to time that you’ll be approached by single men for your phone number or Facebook. Again, take it with ease, it may be annoying, but seldom leads to anything and can easily be met with a polite refusal. 

Getting around Sri Lanka

Taking public transportation in Sri Lanka is one of the best ways to explore the country. Buses but especially trains will take you along incredible picturesque routes across Sri Lanka. Furthermore, buses and trains are reliable and thus making it a convenient transport option for most travellers. 

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It might seem like a good idea to save on accommodation costs by taking an overnight bus or train between cities but it’s best for these type of trips that you have some companionship. Tip: travel by daylight as you can see more and any unwelcome advances you can brush off in broad daylight.

When it comes to short-distance trips within cities, taxis and tuk tuks are the most common (and fastest) way to get around. Tip: ride a tuk tuk with the flaps open. Don’t let the driver put the flaps down as it restricts your view and makes the space confined. Make sure that all your belongings are stored inside the tuk tuk especially handbags. Always store your handbag on the floor between your feet or placed on your inside arm in the tuk tuk.

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When you get out of Colombo it is less likely that tuk tuks will have a meter or be using it. Unfortunately, female tourists travelling alone in Sri Lanka need to be familiar with the going rates for tuk tuk fares so as not to be scammed. The best way for getting the cheapest fare is by asking several drivers before you choose one. Tip: if you get asked whether you travel alone, say you travel with your brother/sister/husband/family. Also read Eileen Fong’s helpful post on Guide to Tuk-tuks in Sri Lanka

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Shopping Sri Lanka

You definitely shouldn’t miss shopping in the colourful markets. As everywhere around the world,  no matter if you are a female alone Sri Lanka beware of pickpocktes. Set yourself a budget before you go (incl. transportation costs) and leave the rest in the hotel safe. Only take a copy of your passport with you. Department stores like Odels are popular as well as local brands like Barfoot and Paradise Road.

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Travel essentials female travelling alone Sri Lanka

Get a SIM card- before you leave the airport, make sure to get a Sri Lanka SIM card (but before ensure that you have an unlocked mobile phone). Sri Lankan SIM cards are extremely cheap,you can get one for as low as 400 LKR (US$ 3) and top up for 100 LKR. There are booths directly in the arrivals hall of the airport.

Have enough tissues or toilet paper with you – public toilets in small towns and rural areas consist mostly of squat toilets only. 

Travel adapter – make sure to have one of these, or better a solar-powered one as some areas have occasional power cuts. This allows you to have a fully charged mobile phone at all times.

Sri Lanka travel forums for females

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If you’re seeking  additional information or you have further questions, have a look into these travel forums which provide lots of relevant up-to-date information, especially about solo female travel in Sri Lanka: ( 

An international forum where you can post any questions in regards to your travels. A number of people here have been living in Sri Lanka for several years and are happy to help with any questions and to give ‘inside advice’ > 

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