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16 Aug

Villa rental in Sri Lanka


Villa Rental in Sri Lanka versus Renting a Hotel Room

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world. Whether traveling from Australia to Sri Lanka or flying in from the Western hemisphere, the tropical climate, relaxed atmosphere, and dozens of destinations in and around Galle and Colombo make this a very popular holiday destination.

But for those planning a Sri Lanka holiday, costs can escalate fast if you look only at hotel rooms, especially for long trips. That’s why a Sri Lanka Villa rental is such a good alternative.

The Cost Benefits of Luxury Villa Rentals

The most immediate benefit of choosing a villa rental over a Sri Lanka resort or hotel is the cost. While the actual cost can vary depending on location and the size of your party, a standard Villa costs between USD100 and USD400 per night. Because a villa can house between 2 and 12 people per night, the cost is greatly reduced, especially for wedding parties.

Hotels on the other hand can be roughly the same cost per night but only have room for 2-4 people per room. As a result, you can spend upwards of three times as much for a large party on vacation or attending a wedding.

Convenience and Amenities in a Luxury Villa Rental

When it comes to accommodations in Sri Lanka, villas offer more than a typical hotel room. Not only are they cozy; they often offer additional features like verandahs, tropical gardens, dine in kitchens, multiple bathrooms, pools and more. While most hotels offer similar features, rarely are they in-room without having to pay a much higher per night fee.

Combined with laundry service, parking, safe deposit box, and multiple meals served each day, the amenities will keep you relaxed so that you feel at home, not stuffed into a sterilized hotel room.

Choosing Between a Hotel and Villa on Your Sri Lankan Trip

If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka, one of the first things you should do is evaluate your needs. How many people will be with you, where will you be visiting, and what amenities will you need. For large parties, long trips, or weddings in Sri Lanka, a Villa offers a number of benefits you simply cannot get from a hotel room.

Contact us today to learn more about our Sri Lanka villa rentals and how they can fit your needs on your next vacation or trip abroad.

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