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21 Oct

Sri lanka Local experiences

Welcome to Sri Lanka! It’s a word we’ve been practicing. It’s the very first word we learned and one you will surely learn once you land on this beautiful Paradise to get the locals to open up and share Sri Lanka local experiences.

Locals says “Ayubowan” meaning ‘hello’ and ‘welcome’. It is the traditional way of greeting and is practiced by saying it holding both palms together as if in a prayer – we drop the prayer because  we get the giggles.

Like visiting any country it is definitely worth the effort of learning a few of the local words which will bring smiles to many Sri Lankan faces. The hospitality of our Islanders is second to none. Their warm nature and the unexpected friendliness will delight any traveller. In conversation most of the Lankans get personal relatively quickly. This reflects the emphasis they place on community and family life. Don’t worry. You’ll get used to them asking unfiltered questions!

Island time

The laid back and seemingly contented lifestyle of some Sri Lankans might also surprise you – many locals call it island time for a reason! But you will also soon discover a bit of patience and relaxed attitude will pay off as your travels will reveal a country so rich in diverse fields. Hey it’s a tropical island holiday so it’s not all ‘go go go’.

So far we’ve found everything from the most traditional to the latest, be it arts and crafts, natural products, entertainment, fashion, and our favourite of course tourism and hospitality. As more visitors come to see us it can only get better. Right? Yippee.

Warm climate

The best thing we’ve found so far about living here though has to be the tropical climate. What it means is we have a heap of fresh fruit and vege as well as the lush greenery all year round – pretty spectacular given Aussie’s red/brown desert landscape.

We certainly haven’t been shy in coming forth to try the local Sri Lankan food either. We chose to live in Galle for a reason – yup excellent mouth-watering seafood dishes. Get in our bellies..

And what perfect way to wash a curry down than with one of the long neck Local Lion beers. It must just about be time for one now. It’s a bit habitual when kicking back on holiday.

So a toast and cheers to local sayings, local food, local people and the simple pleasure of a local beer. Silankan!

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