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11 Dec

Bed and Breakfast Galle

Michelle Wright Templeberg Writing Fellow shares her insights into a typical fist week staying at Templeberg Villa Bed and Breakfast.

I’ve been in Sri Lanka for just three days now and already, when Sudu, the tuk tuk driver, picks me up from Galle Fort, I find myself telling him to take me “home” to Templeberg Villa Bed and Breakfast Galle.

Templeberg Cottage

The “writer’s cottage” is what every writer dreams of – a space free of pressure, distractions and excuses. I fall asleep under the soft flurry of the fan and wake to the silhouettes of the scissored leaves of coconut palms and the muffled light through mosquito netting. Late afternoon, the sun sifts through the filigreed wooden blossom patterns carved above the door, and slices under the open eaves.

The gardens are lush, tranquil and populated by purple-faced long-tailed leaf monkeys that leap between the coconut palms and scream their presence at dawn.

Bed and Breakfast Galle

Breakfast is different each day – buffalo curd and treacle, mango, egg hoppers, kiribath and seeni sambol. I’ve decided to learn at least three Sinhala words a day during my stay. The staff here are just lovely and are more than happy to teach me (and to giggle madly at my pronunciation). Today, my first word was “delicious” – rasai.

I’ve started gathering together the ingredients for the first of my Sri Lankan short stories. I know I’ll need to seek out the small things as well as the large, the personal as well as the political, what is felt as much as what is understood. It’s going to be a challenge. I hope I’m up to it.

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