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Galle Fort
19 Apr

Galle Fort Shopping

Each Sinhala New Year we make a point of a Galle Fort Shopping Trip and stocking up on some new items for the villa so we can “ju ju” it up.

JuJuing a place at Sinhala New Year time is perfect as to juju is all about bringing luck and creating a little bit of magic. We’re all about the mini make over as it can really freshen up a place without wiping away what already exists.

Shopping Galle

Souk 58, Galle Sri Lanka

This year our annual juju pilgrimage took us first to Souk 58 on Church Street Sri Lanka. A little on the “expensy” side they do stock some quality products and brands so you know it will last in a tropical climate.

We had previously brought a set of funky tuk tuk cushion covers which past guests always ask about. Sadly they no longer had any in store so it is lucky they are still in such great condition a year later.

This trip however, we were in search of some orange items to place in our newly redecorated saffron plantation room.

We picked up a great orange plastic water jug and two matching plastic glasses. We also found some great orange glassware that was perfect for one of the ledges in the plantation room.

Barefoot, Galle Sri Lanka

After Souk 58 we headed to Barfoot on Pedlar’s Street for some wooden staples. In store we were taken with some cute and practical orange hued wooden side tables of which we needed five for the front porch and pool area.

A couple of other must have items found their way into our shopping basket – oops – some great wooden bath mats, a wooden laundry basket and some beautiful cane baskets. We also found a wonderful orange and black tapestry. We had the perfect hanging spot for that one on our covered in archway.

KK, Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Conveniently located up the hill from Barfoot we looked in on kk on church street. This time we focused on a few bare essentials for Templeberg’s five acres worth of gardens. We found a wonderful silver noughts and crosses set which we could easily see people using while sitting on a picnic rug in the Templeberg garden. We also found some wonderful black wire garden stakes that had glass inserts perfect for holding tea light candles. We grabbed a couple of those to accentuate the garden beds.

The Three by TPV and Odel’s Luv Shop

Digging in deep (April’s Sri Lanka weather is the hottest month and pounding the concrete lane ways of the fort is not for the faint hearted) we ventured down the hill in search of some air conditioning relief. We wanted to check out the two newest stores in Galle – the Three by TPV and Odel’s Boutique Love Store.

At the Three by TPV store we nabbed a little black candle number which we thought would throw off a great shadow in Templeberg’s massage room. We picked it out from all the wonderful white, silver and glassware on display.

Our final stop of the day was the new LUV SL, Odels store. For Galle’s first boutique department store they have chosen a great site. The ground floor has a tasteful internal courtyard and the lamps in the trees are a nice touch. Here we stocked up on wonderful scents like “de stress” “energise” and “balance”. We also picked out some wonderful wooden carrying trays and a few teapots.

All in all a great day out and you’d be hard pressed to find a better stable of stores showcasing Sri Lankan handicrafts.

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