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28 Oct

Birds of Sri Lanka

Bird life in Sri Lanka is colourful and plentiful. We’ve found ourselves having a soft spot for the Birds of Sri Lanka.

In our opinion, you’re either ‘bird’ people or you’re not.

We definately had ourselves pegged as ‘not bird people’ before landing in Sri Lanka.

“Rats of the sky” we’d shriek and given half the chance you’d find us shooing away a pigeon or parrot.

Suprisingly, we’ve found ourselves softening our resolve towards not likeing birds. So many Birds of Sri Lanka have been arriving in the garden of late that we’ve adopted a more relaxed attitude. We’re learning to share our villa the birds.

Bird watching

Bird watching or bird gazing as we’ve come to call it (where you catch yourself staring longingly at a bird) is something we’ve fallen into.

Perhaps its because we’ve found so many types hanging out in our very own backyard.

They all seem so bright and exotic and so much more interesting than the city birds we’ve been used to in Auckland and Melbourne – like the blue kingfisher.

Here in Sri Lanka we’re beginning to understand why the country is so famous for her many interesting bird species.

We’ve invested in a few bird books to help us work out who pays us a daily visit. We have been making a Sri Lanka birds list. The books certainly came in handy when the pair of spotted doves turned up that we first mistook for pigeons – sorry doves!

We now get a kick out of discovering who our little winged friends might be scampering around in the undergrowth.

The guests have also helped win us over with bird gazing. It helps to learn from others who are passionate about these sorts of things. They have helped to put together a Sri Lanka birds list.

One guest spent part of her holiday capturing all the birds that come to visit Templeberg and at the end of her stay presented us with the most beautiful home made Sri Lanka bird photos book.

We’ve found ourselves flicking through the photo book from time to time to check off Sri Lanka birds from our Sri Lanka birds list and work out which bird belongs to which bird family.

Birding Sri Lanka

Being near the coast we get to see all the lanka bird species, but also some other special residents, including some migrants mostly restricted to Asia.

We see the resident species any time of the year but catching a glimpse of the North Indian and Central Asian migrant birds in Sri Lanka seems to only happen during the northern winter when the migrants are in the island.

On a recent trip we made around Bird Island with some of our guests we were lucky to spend part of the day watching pelagic birds in Sri Lanka.

Our guide told us that there are about 20 species of pelagic birds annually migrating to the coastal waters of Sri Lanka!

This includes interesting Indian Ocean species of Birds in Sri Lanka such as Barau’s Petrel, Jouanin’s Petrel, and Swinhoe’s Storm Petrel.

We haven’t taken our torch out into the jungle yet but if your ‘in to’ night birds, you’d be surprised to know like we were that there are 15 species of resident nocturnal birds in Sri Lanka. The two that interest us the most are the owls. In terms of our interior decorating style we’re owl obessed. We have colllected quite a few owls for our place in Melbourne – perhaps we are closet bird lovers after all.

So we’re looking forward to some mass planting over the next few months to see what birds of Sri Lanka we can attract to the garden. And who knows we may be bird watching converts but for now it’s baby steps.

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